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When Time is of the Essence:

Need to move a large amount of cargo in a hurry? BRIGADIER Logistics charter services are the quickest way to move it from Point A to Point B as fast as possible and with the least amount of hassle.

No shipment is too large, too small, or too complex. Gain exclusive use of a plane for your cargo – anytime and to any destination worldwide. The fastest cargo transport in the industry, air charter services are extremely flexible and available 24/7/365.

Whether you’re shipping bulky automotive components, mission-critical manufacturing materials, or life-saving aid supplies, BRIGADIER Logistics air cargo charter specialists will:

  1. Find a cargo plan that meets your individual needs
  2. Select the most suitable aircraft for your cargo and budget
  3. Secure all necessary permits in a timely manner
  4. Ensure that all documentation is in place for an on-time take-off
  5. Get your shipments to their final destinations on time and within budget.